A Legislator Who Understands Our Issues

The Experience We Need in the Louisiana House of Representatives

The Right Experience

Andy Anders has the experience we need in the House of Representatives. As a businessman and farmer, Andy knows what it takes to meet a budget and make ends meet. As our state representative, Andy works to make sure our tax dollars are spent wisely and our priorities are protected.

Economic Development and New Industry

Andy Anders knows the key to our future is the development of new industry to create good paying jobs. Andy will work with business leaders and government officials to attract new industry to House District 21 so that all of our citizens have an opportunity to succeed. Creation of new jobs is the key to that success.

Protect Our Values
As a husband and father of three daughters, Andy believes that we must pass on our values to the next generation. Andy works at the state Capitol to ensure that the values of our district — faith, family, and hard work — are the cornerstone for the government decisions that affect our lives.